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Archetypes Collection 

Archetypes Collection is about the essence which speaks to us beyond the form we know, it is about what we need to understand in order to see thereafter.

It is about how our minds and souls are organized and their prime building blocks.

This is a long journey and I am looking forward to working on this collection with a lot of open heart and mind.

More to come soon...


The Psychedelic Clown by SORiaN (Sorin Cretu) Size 24x24inch - 2015.jpg
Shadow Dancers - SORiaN (Sorin Cretu) - 2015 - Size 20x16inch - Smaller.jpg
The Tear by Sorian (Sorin Cretu) 28x22inch.jpg
Divine Ass by Sorian (Sorin Cretu) 40x30inch.jpg
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