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If you love me, love me...


If you love me, love me

With all your heart, with every beat,

And with pieces of it if it is broken,

With your breath and with your light

And with your darkest shadows

And with the sparkles of your beauty

And with the brightness in your eyes

And with your sweetness and your bitter fears

And with your laughter and your silent cry

And with your doubts and your sorrows

Flooding your fearless nights

And with the music of your voices

And with your gracious body shy

And if you don't love me, don't love me...

If you miss me, miss me

Miss me alive, miss me whole, miss me now,

And your every tomorrow,

Miss my perfume and yours making mine of you,

Miss me with your steps,

Miss me with the look in your eyes

Seek for my presence, dance with my shadow,

Melt our thoughts in one,

To drift our demons away,

Or invite them in, around our fire,

To know what high our blue flame is...

Just miss me..with all the strings of golden of your hair,

And tie them up around my neck to be my necklace

To wear it with my breath...

Just miss me..with your fingers and your nails and your temples and your feet

And if you don't miss me, don't miss me...

If you want me, want me

Take me, rip my flesh apart

And then put back with your kisses

Of all the tiny threads of life from life of you...

Want me good and want me bad

Want me with my longing of you

Want me with my dreams of you

Want me with my lust of you

Want me with my love of you

And if you don't want me, don't want me...

If you think of me, think of me

Think the whole thought

Think the whole world

Think the truthful bond that makes US whole

Think we are so to be

Think of space molding around our smiles

Think of time stopping for us to name it our own

And if you don't think of me, don't think of me..

If you want to take me in your arms,

Take me in your arms

Greet my tree of life in your paradise gardens

Feel your heart beating in my chest

Under our moon,

Take me in your arms

Like the stars that pour through your eyes

At the time of night

When you hold my hands so tight...

And if you don't want to take in your arms, don't take me in your arms...

If you want to give me your heart, give me your heart,

Give your heart to drink from it everything of you,

Give me your heart to be mine

So to know that when I feel mine,

It is yours

And If you don't want to give me your heart, don't give me your heart...

If you want to kiss me, kiss me,

Embrace my spirit with your lips,

Bite me with your teeth until you reach my bones,

Tear my skin apart until you grasp my soul

Kiss me hungry, kiss me breathless

Kiss me with your light

Kiss me with your body armored in beauty

Kiss me with the whole earth that you are to me

And if you don't want to kiss me, don't kiss me..

And If you want to take my palms in your hands

To touch them with your lips and with your cheeks,

Take them and caress them,

Touch me with the velvet of your petals, my beautiful rose

And if you don't want, don't..

If you want to look in my eyes, look in my eyes

And search the faithful fairness of the universe in them

Then dive into my ocean,

You don't even need to take your breath...

And if you don't, don't...

If you want to walk your steps next to mines,

Walk your steps next to mines,

And if you want to run with me, run with me

And you if want to dance with me, let me hold you tight,

Joyful and free our dance to be

And if you don't, don't...

If you want my soul, take my soul in yours,

Wrap yourself in it,

Sip with tenderness my every drop of life,

Make it your own, fill yourself with it..

And if you don't, don't...

And if you want to be my poison,

Be my every poison into me

When I am thirsty of you

And if you don’t, don’t..

Then be my river of nectar watering my soul

And my endless field of golden and purple roses

Of my sunrise of you

And let me be the caress of the sun

When you want to hold in the cup of your palms

Every ray of its light

To kiss it with your kiss

And touch it with heart..

And if you want to drink my blood,

Drink my blood, bathe yourself in it,

Let me die in peace in your arms,

Feeling your warm breath under the sharpness of your bite,

Knowing that I haven’t lived in vane

Smitten and blessed with you..

Take my flesh, unbind me from the world,

Fulfill the truth of it in me, that to you I belong

And if you don't, don't...

If you want to sing with me, sing with me,

Your every song,

Whisper it in my ears with your shivers

And quiver and flow into me with all your pure springs

And if don't, don't..

If you want to honor me, honor me

I honor you, whole, the truth in you and the life in you

And your trembling heart

Blasting fires from the haze of your labyrinths

And if you don't, don't..

If you want to listen to me, listen to me

And let me listen to you, the murmuring of love that runs inside your heart

Engrave your thoughts into me,

Burn your mark onto my skin,

Follow my every move, like flying over me, from within..

And if you want to hide, hide

Shadow be and silence and wind,

Be the desert and the endless sea

Buried under your crimson horizons

And if you don't, don't...

If you want to be my muse, be my muse

Make every drop of my soul rise

From your meadows of wild flowers in bloom,

Be my priestess, enchant me and throw me into your flames,

Be my guide to the lands of beyond,

To the chasms between mountains of ice of this world

And the scented fires of your soul,

Be the one to show me how to soar into the softness of rocks

And if you want to tear me apart with the quietness between your dreams,

And with your whispers and the drums in your heart,

Tear me apart until there is nothing left of me, but you,

And if you don't, don't...

And if you want me to be your morning

And open your eyes next to me,

To see in mines your dawn

And if you want to fall asleep by my side,

Stars to shower on you, with gentle touches of desire

Be here, be mine, be forever

And if you don't, don't…

If you want to bury me, bury me deep

Into your ocean and your rivers and your sea

Let me choose my grave

So to look for the shores of your bottomless deep

And feel its majestic hallow

And if you don’t, don’t...

Just keep me alive,

Make me alive,

Die me alive

To be alive with you..


If you love me, love me...
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