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Paintings 2012 - Gallery

Faces of the Soul
SORiaN - Oil on canvas - 2012

Size: 22x28 inch

SORiaN ArT Philosophical Surrealism Oil Painting




This painting is based on the idea that the physiognomy is not fundamental to the idea of expression. The soul's underlying kaleidoscopic expressions are beyond the physiognomic determinations of the natural and social shells.

The faces of a soul are a vast labyrinth of competing expressions; one's assertion could be the very ground of another's denial into existence. The mere fact that an expression gets individuality inside this boiling river of possible expressions is an utterly exceptional phenomenon. Behind our eyes, there is a world of expressions with various degrees of existence and only the manifesting ones can appear. We have another composite identity made of what has not yet been recognized by our own selves, because it's still to be seen.


All my paintings or any parts of them, including my concepts and my themes, are subject to full copyright, all rights reserved on SORiaN ArT only.

For any information, please contact me directly by email in the contact section of this website or my Facebook page.


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