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Paintings 2017 - Gallery

SORiaN ArT Philosophical Surrealism Oil Painting
Visions of a Shaman4
SORiaN - Oil on canvas - 2017

Size: 40x30 inch




Visions of a Shaman4 is one of the last paintings of the collection with the same name.


It is part of a larger project, that I named "Evolution of Consciousness" and its story comes to define its very vision.


It tells the story of a Shaman who, already enlightened, chooses, instead of totally merging into the wholeness of God, to humbly return to earth, Seeing the Other, as his own very nature,  mirroring his body of light existence, redeeming his Match of One.


Looking at his image, he glances at himself, part of the same flower of oneness that blooms, from every root and every atom of this unique world.


Finding the Other is finding the one’s true self, enjoying the freedom of being complete, without losing its own identity.


Loving the Other is the Miracle of US, flowing into the world as One true self, One existence, one Image, one Truth.


At the bottom of the painting two presences are pictured; the doubt and the fear, always lingering on, now reshaped, submissive, unable to insinuate with their divisive power into the new realm of duality uplifting the world towards the final existence.


This presence, illustrated on the right side, is the one of a ship, navigating towards the miracle of enosis, along with a captain who is announcing this possibility of redemption through Love and Freedom, pointing US to unfold our lives in the proximity of its horizons.


The blue color of the painting defines the blue of peace, of deep love, of the unified spirit, of undefined universe streams combining our human connection with its very nature.

The Laughing Jesus
SORiaN - Oil on canvas - 2017

Size: 30x30 inch

SORiaN ArT Philosophical Surrealism Oil Painting



The Laughing Jesus (30 x 30 inches) (2017) is my most recent painting from 2017. It is a painting carrying the weight of lots of symbols, having at its core the archetype of Christ.

I am looking at it from a different perspective this time. Jesus is the heart of love, beyond and above love, not only understanding it and radiating it, but being it. Still, for human beings, this is love in the world, their world, wanting this love, feeling it, craving for it, but almost never being it. This is where the chasm opens and, in this painting, Jesus is answering to its echoes, by laughing at its shadows and somehow, laughing with a sarcastic, but participative joy at the human predicament.

There is also sadness in his joy, as lessons foretold seem never learned well enough by the fellowman. The painting is particularly stormy and in movement; there is no quiet place surrounding this strange kind of joy of Jesus. Presences of demons turned with their back, away from him are to be noticed. They talk secretly about human love and worship to their God, as they sense them within their grasp.


The painting highlights striking colors and textures so to increase the power of this message.


All my paintings or any parts of them, including my concepts and my themes, are subject to full copyright, all rights reserved on SORiaN ArT only.

For any information, please contact me directly by email in the contact section of this website or my Facebook page.


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