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Paintings 2018 - Gallery

Lilim's Metamorphoses of Light - SORiaN (Sorin Cretu) Size 40 x 30 inches - 2018_edited_ed
Lilim's Metamorphoses of Light
SORiaN - Oil on canvas - 2018

Size: 40x30 inches




It is a story about the Alchemy of Freedom and Love that ignite through Our Bond, about the sacred, tremendous energies of Life that unite our thoughts and flow through our very hearts, harvested from the unseen depths of our truthful desires, blooming wildly and sweetly into the light, under the sun of day, under the sun of night, with all their magic perfumes..

SORiaN - Oil on canvas - 2018

Size: 48x36 inches

Enki by SORiaN (Sorin Cretu) Size 48 x 36 inches - 2018_edited.jpg



This painting tells a story about the everlasting beauty and sacred nobility of a bloodline untainted by the weakness of doubt and fear, running through You from before the dawn of man, from before the birth of its evil, from before the seeds of thought were thrown into this land..
It is a story about the magnificent truth that lies deep within the springs of Our Life, buried under the mortal identity of our flesh, scintillating through Our Hearts from underneath its veil, brightening with the gentle grace of its seductive fire Our Bond.
You have to live through its power, bathe in its river of candor and be touched by its tenderness to believe in its Magic..

SORiaN ArT Philosophical Surrealism Oil Painting
Flowers of the Wolf Moon
SORiaN - Oil on canvas - 2018

Size: 36x18 inches



It is a story about the mysterious summon of Beauty of the sun of night, with its enchanting power escaping the sight of open eyes, like a cry of wolves out of the deepest dark, enveloped in its charged undisclosed light..
Thus wildly infusing itself into our river of blood, making the flowers within Ourselves grow in the shape of our unconditioned desires, streaming through Our Hearts the primal, most sincere forces of Life..

SORiaN - Oil on canvas - 2018

Size: 36x90 inches

SORiaN ArT Philosophical Surrealism Oil Painting



It is a story about the alchemical genesis of a Magnificent Being, blossoming in her whole beauty, purity and grace out of her cocoon, like the rarest and the most delicate flower of this earth, opening gently her wings, to embrace the dream of dreams.
It is a story about the tremendous strength, truthfulness and candor that make the Light of Heart shine upon the darkest shadows on Our Path, it is a story about the Gift of Love and the Power of Life carried within Our Miracle, that give the deepest meaning to the strongest will and to the wildest visions.

It is ΩriginS

SORiaN - Oil on canvas - 2018

Size: 40x60 inches

Nefertum - SORiaN (Sorin Cretu) (Oil on Canvas) Size 40 x 60 inches - 2018_edited.jpg



This is a story about Humanity's Dawn, about the Rise of what We truly Are, about our believes, about the force of creation. The Sun, this healing light, is unique, raising Ourselves from the eternal mother Sea.
..Conquering of our unsighted struggles, over and over again. It is a story about fertility, about its mysterious force that makes Our Path emerge into a New Birth.
Our Birth, in all its scents of Love and Faith beyond any sacrifice...
It is a story about the Beauty of Our awakening, about the nurturing pleasure of walking our given ground, flying at the heights of Our Heart, without counting its beats.
We are the blooming Blue Lotus flowers of our most precious uncharted Wishes. We are the harvesters of Vision and Brightness of our rising sun which is holding dearly in its eternal fire the sweetness of God's nectar.

It is Nefertum


All my paintings or any parts of them, including my concepts and my themes, are subject to full copyright, all rights reserved on SORiaN ArT only.

For any information, please contact me directly by email in the contact section of this website or my Facebook page.


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