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Paintings 2019 - Gallery

EOn - SORiaN - Oil on canvas - 2019_edited.jpg
SORiaN - Oil on canvas - 2019

Size: 30x24 inch

EOn is the archetypal embrace of Love, the moment when time stops and the two blossom into One,
when what was sought is Found, when what was apart becomes Bound, when what was veiled is Seen.
This is the moment of a Birth like no other, when the Universe coalesces with all its force of Life to materialize Our deepest Wish.

We Are the Temple of this Miracle, the Flower is US.


All my paintings or any parts of them, including my concepts and my themes, are subject to full copyright, all rights reserved on SORiaN ArT only.

For any information, please contact me directly by email in the contact section of this website or my Facebook page.


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