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Enzyme Arts, Vol. I, No. 4, MONKEY BUSINESS, SORiaN ArT magazine cover and article

I am very happy to share with you an amazing news: the new issue of the Enzyme Arts Magazine has been published!

I feel deeply honored to have my painting 'Visions of a Shaman 4' (2017) chosen as the cover of the magazine and also to have an entire article on my art statement and concept, my painting style and my poetry published in its pages.

This issue of Enzyme Arts Magazine is focused on a highly captivating theme, the one of "Monkey Business".

I strongly encourage all of you to buy the magazine to be able to read the full article on my art and also to discover lots of great topics and talented artists featured in this issue.

The Enzyme Arts Magazine is a high-end thematic magazine focusing on arts, culture and both local and international issues, established in Seattle, USA.

Great thanks to Kree Arvanitas, the Art Director of the magazine and to the entire team for all their remarkable work and dedication to publish the present issue of the magazine.

Please follow the links below to buy the issue:


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