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Paintings 2020 - Gallery

Undying by SORiaN - Oil on Canvas - Size 48 x 36 inches - 2020.jpg
SORiaN - Oil on canvas - 2020

Size: 48 x 36 inches

A painting about Our Rebirth, about the emergence of an Unified Act of Love and Life, the most human of all, rising above the shadows of fears, through the voices of uncertainty.

It is a story about Being truly Alive, harvesting  the Unending Fire of Our desire to materialize the vision of being One, that reveals Our Path on this earth.

Our Beauty and Our Light carry in their fiber the meaning that matters the most, for what is true and precious in Our Heart to become Our Reality.

We Are reborn from Seeing the Other, We are fulfilled by receiving the Other into Ourselves.
What We build inside each other are the seeds from which Our World is build, in our image.

This is a painting about Love that does not die, about Light that does not turn into darkness. Undying is Our ΩriginS.

Because Life matters..
Beauty matters..
Light matters..
Goodness matters..
Belief matters..
And Love binds them all into US.

​It is an invitation to let Love, Hope, Trust and Strength define Who We Are!


All my paintings or any parts of them, including my concepts and my themes, are subject to full copyright, all rights reserved on SORiaN ArT only.

For any information, please contact me directly by email in the contact section of this website or my Facebook page.


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