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Bites of Love...


With my breath, I seek your breath,

I find it, with eyes closed...

Breeze of your grace scenting my soul,

In the morning of every embrace...

My lips are near, you feel me

Your lips are looking for mines...

Hunters of heat from the heart,

With eyes closed..

Clenching yearning makes us sparkle,

Startling sweet, music of our skin,

Quivering flesh of beauty,

You are my path of light into you,

With eyes closed..

My mouth is hungry of you,

Each bit of you to bite so deep,

With burning caress,

Like feasting with no end from holy bread,

Wonder of lust

Harvested from your brightness,

With eyes closed...

A river of you, through my thoughts,

Free of burden and must,

Running into me, wild and vast,

With eyes closed...

I am all the voices of my Love for you,


In all the rhymes of my spirit,

Receiving the blessing of Yours,

Darkness no more, even in darkness,

You are my sunrise of light, even at night,

I am holding your hand on every shore,

Of every sea, of every ocean,

Wholly, my Love,

I will be in your arms at dawn,

At every dawn,

With every drop of life of mine,

Above pain and sorrows,

With eyes closed...


Bites of Love
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