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Give me your Love...


Give me your a drop from your perfume

And I will make wine of light from it

And drink it with honey from your breasts

To live out of candor of lust,

With breaded silk of your lips,

Embroiled in the flesh of my tongue...

Give me a glitter of light from your eyes

To play with it between my palms

To learn what the magic is when you hold the sun

As close as a dawn

Between your lotus moon and your scented stars...

Give me a grain of your golden hair,

To tie my desires in rainbows shaped as your thighs,

To hold them like roses of fire

Wrapped in wild streams of your beauty,

Within my arms..

Give me a touch of the tips of your fingers

To teach the gods the sweetness of your caress

For the gates of your temple of tenderness

To always remain open,

So their voices and mine to hail, inside it, your name...

Give me the gentle dance of your steps

To know how the music of grace sounds

And I will play it with my heart

Embracing your hands,

With soft undying beats of my soul,

Kissing the song of your feet,

You, my body of light, whole...

Give me the untamed bite of your teeth

To feel it inside my blood,

To listen to the thunders of your thirst

For then for you to hear

The unrepentant hunger of mine..

Let me dance with your fairies

In your garden,

Among your trees,

Under your sky,

Let me fly with the wonder of your flowers,

In the valley of our dreams,

With blue wings spread

Of butterflies,

Let me be the sunrise on your ocean,

To marry my sparkles

With the breeze of your waves

In their light,

To their depth..

Let me breathe out of you,

With my breath

Life that You are to me,

Air of Love,

Air of Faith,

Air of Strength,

Air of Goodness,

Air of Hope,

You kingdom of brightness

Meaning of every road...

Let me kiss your lips

To taste your sacred dew

And bathe into your river

And drink the waters of your spring

For you to know

That I belong to you.


Give me your Love
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