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Love from Love...


Come baby come,

You are mine,

For all time..

I take you whole in me,

And You shine

Light from light You are,

Uprising endless soul,

Beauty from beauty

In garden of stars

That you blossom,

In love's communion...

Grace from grace

You turn your gold into blue,

On bridges of feather

Your wings to rise

So to give birth

With sleepless voice

To all the yearnings to fly...

Richness from richness

Of brightness of trust,

Treasure of whispers

You pure Grail of God...

Rain over me

With all your shivers

Of purity..

Thought from thought


As one river,

Unbreakable bond

To storm the world

Into one,

Which is ours.

Flesh from flesh,

A field of seeds

Of glowing desires

Growing from US,

In our image

With overwhelming joy

And faithful lust..

Blood from blood,

Pledge to belong

In willful truth

And free

To the new world

That is US.

Night from night

Of scented light

In one caress,

Fulfiller of dreams

Give yourself in

Twist your hands within,

Make my sighs sublime..

Life from Life,

Binding our breaths,

In kisses of faith

With fiery eyes



Love from Love

Our souls are One,

There is no dark,

But only morning and sun,

In our cradle of hearts..

Let your perfume

Blow over me

With all your grains

Of Grace

At once,

Hold me breathless,

In the heat of your lips,

To tremble and weep

With naked delight...

Come baby come..


Love from Love
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