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Rain of Bliss


A drop from your heart came from the sky of your soul,

From the top of the sacred mountain of You,

Caressed me whole like an embrace of each and all your atoms...

In one sublime murmuring flow...

And then another drop and a million more,

Raining inside me, with light from You..

Wedded in your rain I am,

With every drop of life of You...

I walk each of my steps into your soul's garden,

My feet are wet, touching your dew

Sparkling of candor

With rainbows of tiny worlds of heaven

Calling me in,

On secret trails of wonder,

To relish their unseen mystery...

Whispers of Joy melted in sighs of Love

Singing to old gods,

Untamed beauty woven in shivers of sorrow

On roaring winds of fighting hopes and truthful lust...

I am dancing in your magic rain,

Among braidings of lightning of your longing,

My hands spread out like wings to seep into your bliss,

Right from my soul unfolding...

You are a thousand balls of fire of all the stars dwelling in you,

Each of your flames climbs delicate silk ladders

To the unrevealed heights of your unending ocean

Carving in my heart, the heart of You...

Immaculate kingdom,

I am flying in the skies of You,

Sweet balms envelop me in your sunrises,

Binding me naked to your air

So to breathe

And I am free inside of You...

I see you in your flowers and your trees,

Of searing desires of deepest truth,

Chanting its worth of real You

Of Love forever giving,

Within our kiss, reborn..

You are my earth of brightness,

And I'm embracing You...

You are my One,

I fell in love with you times with no end,

Of whole of you in all the ways,

For all the reasons that You are...

I am living in your world, un-hiding one by one your realms,

Through all our wills and playful dreams,

So may the Path become uncovered,

And Dawn of US fulfilled.

Gods are emerging from your waters,

Blistering with the light of all the universes

Reborn into one, made of US,

Celebrating the communion of One under this rain,

With incandescent storms of visions

On endless beaches of golden sands

With traces of your feet,

Like signs of everlasting spring...

Angels come down from your eyes,

On stairs of unrepented purity

Cutting through the walls of all the fears

With daring glowing goodness...

I feel you calling me from your sea,

I feel you whole my baby darling,

With waves of your perfumes

Like fields of wild roses bursting out of you..

In whirls of flakes of gleaming lights

In all the colors of your beauty

Snowing from peaks on your enchanted land...

With tender prayers cheering

Our bond of Love, the purest...

My Love, you should see me rising in your blue skies...

Even at night, when you're asleep...

I am feeling you my Darling,

My hands are holding tightly your hips,

My head is in your lap,

I am feeling trembling your heat,

Pulsating on my temples,

Expending like a birth inside of me...

Trails of fire my lips are pouring on your skin,

A flood of gentle passion with no mercy,

My kiss is wild and goes deep,

Through all the mist,

Into your ocean...

Receive the gift of my life from me, my Love

So all your rivers to flow,

So all your birds to sing,

So all your flowers to blossom,

So all your soul to speak...


Rain of Bliss
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