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The Day of Everything...


One day, today, from dawn to dusk

I am your lover

And in the night, a kiss away, so near

I hold you in my arms,

You are light..

Naked bright your beauty

Graceful cradle of lust,

Your perfume of burning passion

Flowers on your pillow

Like a breeze on a sea of roses...

I feel your breath, whispering quietly

Yearning for fire, longing for its flames

To pierce through your armor,

To flow in your river,

Wild beating heart...

It is raining with startles pouring on your skin,

A velvet feather nest of every touch of mine,

I hold you in my arms, you are so warm..

I feel the scent of you floating gently in the dark

I drink it, kissing your fingers with my lips, open

My eyes, caress your eyes

Your body is an altar

And I am praying

I know I am entering

The temple of love..

One day, today, I am your bredrin

I am looking at you, seeing me,

I am seeing you, looking at me,

Mirror of fearless twin sights

Bundled in one vision,

Standing by your side

Unrestrainedly fair, biased for the meaning

To count above judgment,

Taking you whole, un-scattered

Thinking you whole, un-broken

Your pieces are just drops of dew on the petals of your flowers

Laid across your valleys and your mountains of sparkling mind...

I listen unspoken to all your voices,

I walk in your steps, I feel the rocks on your trail

I feel your soul searching the light

Through the trees in the forests of your shadows,

I am your other eyes..

And as I watch the nights of your darkness

I gently want to show you holding your hands,

The brightening of your moon

In your sky of shinning stars...

One day, today, I am your master

And in my height, I hold your hands in trust

To kneel in front of me in all your freedom,

So to surrender your storms of doubts and fears

To the greatness of your humble heart..

One day, today, I am your slave,

I am bathing in the fountains of your will,

As your scented springs are showering my soul

With streams of faith

Meanders of path of purposeful fate,

To honor the goal..

One day, today, I am your priest

Your waterfall and crystal mist

In which you walk

To wash your shames of guilt

With open eyes of pure heart,

Never afraid to ask the price

Of happiness and peace...

One day, today,  I am your match

My soul is mating in vow with your soul,

My thought is dancing with your thought,

My heart is beating with your heart,

We are One, seen and unseen,

In the world, not of the world,

We have the wings of blossoming blue fires,

Our minds are talking the voices of wind,

We are the bridge between the Oracle, the Muse and Gods' desires

We are miracle of US, unsinned.


The Day of Everything...
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