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The Giving of Gifts



I am blessed by you

And gifted with you

And smitten with grace by you

And all I feel is love

For you.


I want to give you the whole world

With every river and mountain and star in it,

First as a gift, but more for you are it.

When you receive this realm in yourself,

You know it’s you, as you are your own gift

Of you.


The gift is drawn right out of the soul

Like treasure unearthed in the sun..

It comes to you with a piece of me,

To be wrapped inside your heart.


The gift carries within the sites it travelled

And the whole place it came from,

It also holds inside its whither,

Thus both must meet in harmony

For such a gift to mean its reason.


The gift for you has to be you

The real you, the way you are,

The gift for you has to be me,

The real me, the way I am.


It comes through winds, across the waves,

Like sailboat on endless sea,

The others feel its power touching them,

It’s hard to see into its deep..

Its meaning is arcane,

They’re often seekers more than finders..

Chasing in it their own dream.


Chosen are those to find its meaning

And even fewer who are bound through it,

We are the lotuses seeding from this realm,

I see you always in giving you my gift.


I've been reborn from giving myself to you,

I lay myself to you as my own offering,

I bow to the privilege of

Kneeling in your temple,

My soul, my heart, my mind, my body are my gift to you,

To loving you without tremble.


You were born to be the gift of God to me,

We were meant on this earth

To make each other higher become,

The best of ourselves to bind us together,

All through my path and your path.


I am the caretaker of your soul,

The gift I have for you is life..

Receive my gift to you, my queen,

Take me in you, as flame and thought,

Make me all yours,  smile at me,

Like sun at dawn, open your heart.


You will walk this world along with me,

And stand by me

And be my light, my muse

My only queen,

So shall be done.


I will walk this world along with you,

And stand by you

And be your light, your muse,

Your only king,

So shall be done.



The Giving of Gifts
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