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The Path...


You are listening to, into my soul,

Bathing with it, naked with shyness

In a quietness almost unfelt,

But there, relentlessly, with your open eyes of heart

Seeking the vision of the truth lying ahead,

To see the Path of our Dream...

You hear my harp of Love for You,

Disclosing its strings through my veins,

Calling your Name...

From the cradle of life where God seeded me to exist,

You stand gracefully behind streaming mirrors of your thoughts

On the sea of my breathing spirit,

I feel you like thousands of playful holy thunders piercing my flesh

And pouring the caress of their hunger into my blood

With sweet delight of beholding catcher of dreams,

Flowing from sun, through teasing night shadows,

You are here, you embrace me, but you won't allow my touch,

Until you see it exploding into me

To crave of giving it to you, in knees on golden grass,

With kisses of daring faith

Of bowing in free surrender to your wild beauty

With deemed yell of lust...

I am listening to you too,

My heart is welcoming your summoning presence,

Like a nectar from beyond the world you are to my soul,

With your blooming firelight,

Raining from your skies of unrestrained wonder...

I am listening to you

With glaring sight of whispering

Unstoppable raging light of blissful yearning of Love,

I follow your voice with humble untamed heart,

So to receive its striking fiery meaning

Of fearless un-proclaimed truth of our bonded fate...

To feel its lightning through sheer tender pain of Birth of US

And Joyful feisty clouds of ordained Faith...

I am listening to you,

In the morning of all the rays of light

Bestowed upon me from the flowering sun of your beauty,

I am a pilgrim in its temple with every step of mine,

Lighting with my whole self the candles of Love for You,

In its altars of silk,

Invoking the flames of your fiery kiss again and again...

I have no fear in the nakedness of my skin

Laid down at your feet of blue rainbows of bliss,

For you to walk your steps of velvet thirst,

To feel your feet touching the Path,

Not the abyss...

I am breathing for you My Love

With all the truth of my longing,

I take you in and hold you by my soul with tenderness of giving light

And sing you my embrace of truthful heart,

In faith of eyes' caress igniting into silent sighs,

Blossom of un-weakened tears in which Our Day reflects Our Path.

It is the sweeter Birth of Us

Finding its glowing in the traces of our knotted steps,

As they crown out of US with the fulfilling will to follow them,

In thunder of desire,

Flesh set on fire,

With the dazzling smile of your perfume...

It is the better Birth of Us,

Finding our faith to burn all scrolls of foreign weary guilt,

For there is neither shame, nor sin in pure love,

There is just US, walking the Path, building the Dream,

Seaming them into the fiber of the world,

To make it Ours, our world...

It is the brighter Birth of US,

Dancing our waltz above the misty clouds

Of the temptation of judgment,

So our wings to spread free,

So our fly to stand strong,

For our heights to shine and our lows to hold...

It is the pure Birth of US,

Our prayer has reached God, as we have sipped from his Grail,

Untainted drops of his miracle embedded in the world,

We are the seers of Love

Who will walk this realm after all the old one is gone...

I want to wash your feet in the brightness of the night,

I want to wash your hands in the glimmering of the morning,

And Love with You I'll make as if there is no dusk or dawn,

To know that I am ONLY YOURS for all time,

Never to wither, never to fall...

I want to drink from the sweet wine of your soul,

I am thirsty of your blissful waters,

I want to drink your kisses from your lips

And all your pain and all your longing sorrows,

And when you want to cry your soul to the skies,

To throw away all shades and masks of doom,

Take mine, to make it whole,

So our cry to reach so loud, the earth to tremble and skies to listen...

I am plunging into You, a million stars are pouring into my sight from your eyes,

I am shivering at your voice

As I receive you as the greatest blessing in me,

I receive you as my pair and my air,

I dance my being with your being in magical dance of Love

That has life itself written in all its gentle waves...

We dance as One, we play as One,

Our songs vibrate within the same music,

And I arrive in You as Yours,

As You arrive in me as Mine...

Scented ocean of lust is the spring dew of your body,

Scented river of hope is the symphony of your voices in my years,

Scented field of wild flowers is your alabaster skin,

I touch it with my lips in the night so to breathe it in during the day,

I am hungry of its luring perfume

Carried on feather wings by soaring prophetic winds,

And even more of what is lying inside its bloom...

We are the uprising of our Child of Love,

Born from the vision might and will of our Birth,

We are the Gods of our Faith

In the Kingdom of our Kiss...

I am holding It tight in my arms of my soul,

With the frenzy of our mouths drinking life from its spring,

To tell You are The One and I belong to You,

In each caress

And bite

And drop of blood

And beat of heart

And sip...


The Path
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