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The Prayer of Blue Morpheus



Beings of light,

I am calling you all,

From above this world

And from below this world,

From the eternity of all your realms,

From the sacred tombs of your sons,

From the wells of beauty of your queens,

From the kingdom beyond our eyes,

From the very mind of God...

Come down on us, here and now,

Surround us with your wisdom,

Receive us in your voice,

Dance with us,

Hear our voice trembling,

Our hearts shivering,

Our fountain of fire springing,

Our longing shouting out

Its song to the stars,

In the day of our night..


Beings of light,

Listen to us,

Our eyes embracing

In flames of blue butterflies...

See us,

Our caress holding us dearly tight in its heat,

Our fingers dwelling in the home

Of one single palm..

 Feels us,

Our kisses burning our lips

Like a grail of souls entering the world,

Feel our embrace taming our hearts

With little pieces of breath..

Believe us,

We are wild flowers,

On the crest of our mountain..

Don’t let us be blown by cold winds



Beings of light,

Guide our sight forward

To share each other in our love,

Like one hand holding the other one,

Of the same body of light...

To be strong within ourselves,

To make it ever more stronger,

Yet noble and good

To keep it delicate and warm,

To make it shine softly,

Like a rose after the rain,

To make it glow through us out,

Like that one rose gently touched

By the glimmering light of the morning sun..


Beings of light,

Protect our shimmering hearts

To make our love truthful, yet joyful,

To guard it pure and rich,

To be united in our bond through its grace,

To make our souls' flower blossom,

So to bring the best parts of us together,

In a sole belief,

To lead our steps along on this path,

To make this new dawn inside us rise,

Above the mist of doubts and fears,

So to soar into the high horizons of oneness

And to march through this earth,

Hand in hand

Unyieldingly free..


Beings of light,

Let us walk your sacred ground,

Let us be serene for you to see in us,

Like through a diamond,

Ever so solid, yet so purely clear..

Let us safely build our temple of love,

To be young and clean again within it,

So to show you then our creation

And reveal ourselves to you as we are,

The way we are,

Without boundaries and attachments,

As one blue flame,

In all our light, in all our darkness,

To melt them out into the brightness of One,

So to give you back

From in our deepest hearts,

The treasure you've been waiting for,

For so long,

The Child of the Universe…



The Prayer of Blue Morpheus
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