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The Song of Blue Morpheus


I take you as my bride

With all the life in me

With this grass thread

As diamond ring

Under this lilac tree


Know that I am yours

Light from love of you

I gave myself into your spirit,

Under the stars, under the moon,

Under the sun

And with my blood

I fill my veins

With your blessing...

I take your hand,

I blow my breath into your palm

And I caress it with my lips

In holly vow

Spoken untold


Hold my soul

With the light between your fingers and your eyes,

Kiss my heart

With all the voices of your thought,

Be the song

Of life into me...

At your feet,

I stand whole,

In all my height

I bow to your beauty

Humble and proud...

You are my home

Under the sky of God

Trail of meteors is your hair

And river of gold,

My ground is your body,

Your soul, my earth of roses

House of grace of you...

I listen into your eyes

Of brightness,

Your thoughts are all sacred to me,

Like in an embrace

I dance with them,

They are one as you are one,

They are many as you are many,

I feel them embedding

Their roots into my tree of life

Before the birth of any words

Ordained whispers

Of One Heart...

Your mind is the fire

Of blooming worlds

From the scattered ashes

Of lost meanings,

Your heart is the cradle

Of your smile

That holds a hidden door

To the secret of your path..

Look inside

Its bottomless ocean

Hear its music sighing softly,

This is the temple of joy

The grail of love awaits

To take it in your hands,

To hold it between your palms,

To drink from it

With me

The water of God...

Then touch it gently

With the tips of your fingers and your lips

And let it speak its song to you,

Your dearest tongue,

The truth.

As I walk

Any path

I see you

Embroiled in every stone

Murmuring in every tree

Blossoming in every flower,

My steps are looking for you

In any maze

Of this world...

You are the bridge

Bringing together

Every shore of mine...

As my heart beats in me,

I feel you within

A million years deep

As I am

You are...

I am love of you,

I am love for you

I know you loving you

And I breathe you inside me

With all your scents,

I fill myself with you

Like sea of drops of holy water

Running into my ocean of self

And springs of stars in the night...

I drink from your eyes

Each grain of light,

Each grain of darkness,

I dance with your shadows

From your humble heart...

I hold your face

Against mine

With both my hands,

I close my eyes,

I know who you are

I know who I am



The Song of Blue Morpheus
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