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Wonder of You


I am talking to You everywhere,

With words and with no words

Each silence carries your name deeper in me,

Wind is singing of You in my ears

Wonder of You...

I am looking for You in every realm

Inside and outside of all things

Worldly and unworldly..

There is no other place of Home,

Than You..

I am waiting for You in every moment

With no beginning and no end,

I am seeing You in everything,

Meaning of all in One...

I celebrate your soul day and night,

Smile of joy and sadness,

Goodness and peace even in war,

Bursting from your heart..

I am whispering You

In every thought, You are here...

My longing is shouting out of my chest

To You, my love...

I give myself to You,

My beating heart is in your palms,

Time has stopped once I knew

You are the One..

I seized to exist

I was reborn into being yours,

I spread my wings in your Light

And I realize they are yours too,

I am free and I belong to You..

I became a flower

To blossom in your brightness,

I became an eagle

To ascend in your skies,

I became a river

To flow into your ocean

So to fill it

With every drop of life of mine..

My heart pours into yours,

My lips are yearning for your lips,

To drink from them your water of life...

My hands are searching for you to hold you,

My arms are your cradle,

My fingers tremble to touch your glittering skin

To follow you in every line,

To journey on the map of your beauty

With closed eyes..

I breathe your scent,

Down to every atom inside me,

I sip it all within, the greatest treasure

With my mouth seeking you...

It floods my whole spirit,

I am a chalice full of your perfume,

You are my church God comes into

To tell me every truth.

Take my soul in your hand my darling,

Hold it close to your breasts,

My blue fire is gentle, it will only caress each one of them..

My teeth want to bite you slowly in thousand places,

A thousand times, each piece of you,

With sweetness, even in pain...

To sew my lust of You forever in your flesh,

Each bone You have to feel it,

Like fruits to harvest in a sacred garden...

My love, there is no hunger greater than mine

Of You...

And if I lay myself open at your feet,

I want to water your roots with my blood,

To melt into the earth that You are all to me..

In your sun, I stopped for a second to taste from your nectar

And look, it started to rain with gold from your hair,

From your sky, the sky of your eyes,

Wonder of You...

I am walking softly with my bare feet in your grass,

Tenderness of your silk makes me shiver,

Wet you are, I am wet too,

We are a living flame sparkling in our dew,

Our hands are bound in magic,

Love of oldest souls meeting ones' match

To return as One to God..

We are the miracle,

Our love is the song of our last life,

We are finally giving birth to ourselves,

You and Me means whole,

It means our own child,

The Child of US...

And we start to remember who we are,

From the beginning, before this time..

I feel you as a spring running into me,

You are the mountain the spring is coming from,

You are the fountain the mountain reflects into,

You are my spring, my mountain, my fountain

You are my Dawn...

Stretch out your wings my darling,

Embrace my blue fire with them,

Let me drink from you with my heart

Let me drink from you with my thought

Let me drink from you with my body

Drink from me my love,

Take me whole into You..

We are One,

Time has stopped

All that remains

Is to Love You...


Wonder of You
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