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Into the Thought of Maybe



I am thinking of her,

Where she is, how she is,

Is she well or maybe weak,

Is she sad or maybe laughing in sun,

Or maybe playing with a tear from her eye,

In the sand,

Or maybe with one of mine.


Maybe she is smiling,

Not seeing how the light from her soul

Is pouring from her eyes,

Or maybe she makes steps of dance with bare feet,

Trying to hide her toes away

In between shells and small sea rocks,

Or maybe she touches the grass with

The tips of her fingers,

To feel the dew worn by each thread,

Slightly bending her shadow over

To whisper secretly to them.


Maybe she just walks on the grass

Diving away her feet in its green silk

Or maybe she wanders right now

With no purpose, seeing no end,

Just losing herself in its mist,

With no presumptions, only dreams.

Her walk is gentle, yet full of will,

Feeble grace of lust of life,

Floating gently through the wind.

A shiver running sharp over her spine

Peeking at the sea,

A tremble on her shy lips,

Grasping in her deep the salt of the breeze.

Or maybe she walks as if she would never go back,

Just wanting to fall way into the distance

And breathe..


Maybe, now, she is holding a flower in her hand..

Or maybe a rock to throw it to the ocean

When her hand feels free

To answer to it.


Maybe she closes her eyes to feel the breath of the waves embracing her body,

Maybe she touches her waist with her hands,

Folding them and then throwing them away like wings,

Maybe she jumps with her feet in shallow pools of water,

Right where the sea is meeting the land,

Splashing it away in big drops as if she were talking back at it.


Or maybe she closes her eyes while looking far into the murmuring sky,

Just tilting her head backwards to feel her golden hair fall free,

Maybe she even touches herself in secret

Just for a second, when no one would even see,

Right in the light of the sun whispering out its heat,

Curious to feel how her skin would be flickering

And how her breasts are talking back to her caress

While she catches tightly her lips with her teeth.


Or maybe she is upset and very serious

And doesn’t know what to do with her longing...

She wants to throw it into the sea

And push the world away

To have her peace with merit for she is.

Thus the world should see her goodness

And leave her be because she is.


Or maybe she is struggling with a spider

To face her fears and give them all her fist

And, then, maybe she touches the spider

To befriend it and then to take the kill.

Only dead fears may there be in her path...


Or maybe she wants to run free

And never to stop,

But I she naked?

Or is just her dress quivering too fast in the wind…


Or maybe now she looks in a mirror,

Her eyes to meet the other side of it,

Maybe she stares through her window

Trying to catch her own thoughts

And send them back once they obeyed her deed.


Or maybe she is thinking of me,

With eyes wide open or maybe even closed...

And wants me without saying a word,

With hidden hints she only knows..

Maybe she is in love,

Maybe she feels so far away,

But she must know,

I am always here and there with her

And never astray.

Maybe that brings pain in her peace

Or maybe she is just tired of so much sand and sea

Or even angry of how beautiful that is.

And sometimes I see her clenching her fists

And closing her eyes tightly

To sharpen her look, to see through it.


Maybe she is thinking of the future or maybe more of the past

Or maybe she sees only the present of joy

I hope that bliss for her, to fill in her heart.


Or maybe God spoke to her on the beach,

Through voices of fireflies in the night,

Maybe he told her a truth,

That my soul is in her hand

So small, but ever so bright.



Into the Thought of Maybe...
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