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Moon of light


Moon of light,

Moon of night,

Pouring your meaning into my sight,

I have been feeling it all for long

So near and dear within my soul…

I felt it like the touch of a shimmering rose,

With unseen petals of faith,

Tenderly endless…

I let myself guided by its scent,

Into a path of thought,

Above mind's veils,

Like diving into a hidden fountain,

Stepping into its gentle waters,

With my whole body,

As if surrendering to it is the whole reason

Why I have been given this birth...

There I heard your voice echoing

Into its drops,

Enfolding your presence deep into me,

Through each of my shivers,

In the life lines of my palms,

In the piercing firelight of dawns

And at the harvest of sun in the dusks,

Behind my clouds and my rain,

And the mist of my river…

I understand it miraculously

Beyond written words,

Beyond spoken thoughts..

I see you alive,

I can hear you breathing,

I feel your longing

And your flames,

In every light and through the shades of dark,

Yours and mines.

From behind my eyes

I see your glimmering mind...

Talk to me my beauty,

I am listening to you sitting in the secret garden,

I am surrounded by you,

Like in a dance of untainted perfumes,

Your soul is my flower,

It blooms

Through my heart,

As mine through your heart,

Your thought has reached me,

Made my ocean of love

Sparkle in its depth with your silent music…

I glimpse of you through your ocean,

Talk to me my queen of brightness,

I am whispering to you to hear me...

To know that I belong to you,

From the tips of all the roots of my tree in this ground

Ever since I have given myself to you...

I speak to you each day and every night,

In my dreams and when I fight,

To the bottom of this world and its height…

I close my eyes and I see you,

You are there, inside me

And somehow strangely in front of me,

I stretch my arms towards you,

I want to wrap them all around your waist,

To hold it tight and so your thighs…

And touch your shoulders with little caresses,

Like wings of blue butterflies…

Then with my fingers slightly I comb your hair,

I see little pearls of tears in your eyes,

Tiny drops of love hiding within the beauty of your light…

I have been seeing your smile

And watching your sadness

For so long

That I almost forgot to tell you

How precious all they were and are…

Every time I saw one in yours,

I had a one in mines too,

I wish I were even closer to your eyes,

To rain one of mine in one of yours,

As if my embrace would need no hands,

To touch the sea of your soul,

Then, I would freely soar

In all your skies

Of Blue..


Moon of Light
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