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This is US...


Do you see in the night a flash of light?

This is US..

Brightening the sky.

Do you see a rainbow after the rain in the temple of sun?

This is US,

Shining in all its colors

With the truth of our meaning.

Do you see two threads of grass tightly woven,

Rising above the earth to breathe the air of its miracle?

This is US,

In Love Alive, blooming into One,

To wear them as our binding Rings.

Do you see four steps along in the sand on a beach,

Where minds dream the paradise?

This is US,

Walking hand in hand our PATH

In every here and now.

Do you see the waves melting

On the shores of the endless ocean?

This is US,

Embracing in the tenderness of our caress

Until we fulfill all of them

Of each dream of US.

Do you see two drops of dew touching each other

In the spring morning of the sun at dawn?

This is US,

Kissing with the kiss of the fire of life.

Do you see the blossom of roses

Igniting in the air the scent of their beauty?

This is US,

Bursting of shivering desire,

Through the golden silk of our petals,

Wanting to sip every taste of US.

Do you see the rivers of rain in the summer,

Pouring on earth with waves sparkling

With shades of diamonds?

This is US

Calling the rain,

To sweep away the weakness of every doubt and guilt and fear,

To be free in thought and spirit as one,

For our field of wild flowers to bloom

In all its giving pure wonder.

Do you see the monks praying to all their Gods, in knees,

In their humble surrender?

This is US

Asking in all our light and darkness

The Universe to allows US to be, as we are,

The match of One.

Do you see two butterflies beating their wings

Floating above their most beloved flower?

This is US,

Flying free in the dance of our longing.

Do you see the swans screaming aloud for their only pair?

This is US,

Missing each other.

And do you see the dance of swans on a lake

In a summer day?

This is US,

Choosing each other

Every time.

Do you see a scar healing

After a sword torn the flesh with its deepest cut?

This is US

Reborn within the grace of our embrace

From ashes of pain of being apart.

Do you see the cloudy dark of a raining day at the end of the fall?

This is US,

In mourning,

Yearning for each other's presence

In all our hearts.

Do you see the winds howling across the land

Like wolves in the night?

This is US

Calling our names

With all our voices.

Do you see a baby just born,

Breathing the blessing of pulsing life

In all its untamed innocent power?

This is US,

Falling in love a thousand times again

Within the fountain of our birth,

A birth like no other.

Do you see a ray of light

Speeding to the other side of the universe?

This is US

Running to arrive at the place of our Oneness,

No matter how long our journey takes.

Do you see a spring of water

Escaping through the rocks of a high mountain?

This is US,

Starting our road as one stream

To become the ocean of who we are.

Do you see a storm of thunders

Piercing the sky with their spears of light?

This is US,

Claiming our place in the world of God,

For everyone to know that we exist

And we are here to stay

As we belong, above the others.

Do you see the countless stars

Glimmering in the dark over the sun of night?

This is US,

Whispering the music of our souls

Over the earth

In the ritual of Our Bond.

Do you see the silent fragrant breeze of the sea,

Enveloping with its refreshing warmth

The fieriness of the day?

This is US,

Gently holding each other

In harmony of ever found passion and truth,

Keeping the promise of discovering them into US,

In every way, In Love

As One.


This is US...
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