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Gods Collection

Gods Collection is one about our reprezentations of Gods, looking through the more or less blind human eye, through our preconditioned, perverted minds.

It is about our craving for fantasy and thrill and our adiction to fear and pain. It is about the way the new myths we continuously create, are seducing us into accepting and justifying almost unconditionally any type of hope and faith that makes us feel safer and warmer in our worldly sleep.


Blind Dreamers - SORiaN (Sorin Cretu) - 2016 - Size 28x22 inch - Smaller.jpg
Visions of a Shaman2 - SORiaN (Sorin Cretu) - 2015 - Size 40x30inch - Smaller.jpg
Visions of a Shaman 1 by SORiaN (Sorin Cretu) 2015 - Size 40x30.jpg
Forest of Gods by SORiaN (Sorin Cretu) 2015 - Size 24x36.jpg
Unknown Man Crucified by Sorian (Sorin Cretu) 28x22inch.jpg
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