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Supra-Man Collection

The Supra-Man Collection is a big project that I am working on, with various paintings about human condition and what makes us overcome our existential limitations. It is about what makes our souls reach higher and our beings evolve beyond the current social, religious and scientific conditioning into a moral and spiritual plane where community, sharing, compassion and sacrifice can mean altogether a better world than any others we thought we knew how to build.

Join me in this journey and we will discover it together through my paintings and poems..

Dawn of Ego - SORiaN (Sorin Cretu) - 2015 - Size 30x24inch - Smaller.jpg
The Supra-Man exhorting his cohort into the new cosmic era by Sorian (Sorin Cret
The Birth of Self by Sorian (Sorin Cretu) 30x40inch.jpg
The end of the evolution of a woman by Sorian (Sorin Cretu) 28x22inch.jpg
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