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WASM Art Exhibit 2018

Visions of a Shaman 4 -SORiaN (Sorin Cre
WASM Art Exhibit poster 2018.jpg

I am pleased to announce my participation in the "WASM Art Exhibit 2018" with my painting "Visions of a Shaman 4" (2017 - Size 40x30 inches, oil on canvas), which is the fourth painting from the collection "Visions of a Shaman".


"Visions of Shaman 4" and the series are part of a larger project that I have carried out, named "Evolution of Consciousness" and its story comes to define its very vision.

"Visions of a Shaman 4" has been chosen in November 2017 as the cover of the Enzyme Arts Magazine, Vol I, No 4.

The concepts and the vision of this painting and those of the entire collection have been presented in an extensive article in the pages of this high-end thematic magazine, established in Seattle, USA.


The WASM Art Show 2018 Vernissage will be taking place on Saturday, May 12th, 2018 from 2pm to 5pm at Concordia's Grey Nuns' Residence Hall, 1190 Guy Street, Montreal.



SORiaN WASM 2018 Picture 6.jpg
SORiaN WASM 2018 Picture 5.jpg
SORiaN WASM 2018 Picture 2.jpg
SORiaN WASM 2018 Picture 1.jpg
SORiaN WASM 2018 Picture 3.jpg
SORiaN WASM 2018 Picture 4.jpg

A few pictures taken this afternoon at the Vernissage of the "WASM Art Exhibit 2018"..A pleasure to be there...


More info about my future expositions soon!


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