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Artfest Toronto Exhibit 2017 - Distillery Historic District

Artfest Toronto_Exhibit 2017 -_Distillery_Historic_District_-_SORiaN_ArT_Pic9.jpg
Artfest Toronto_Exhibit 2017 -_Distillery_Historic_District_-_SORiaN_ArT_Pic8.jpg
Artfest Toronto_Exhibit 2017 -_Distillery_Historic_District_-_SORiaN_ArT_Pic7.jpg
Artfest Toronto_Exhibit 2017 -_Distillery_Historic_District_-_SORiaN_ArT_Pic6.jpg
Artfest Toronto_Exhibit 2017 -_Distillery_Historic_District_-_SORiaN_ArT_Pic5.jpg
Artfest Toronto_Exhibit 2017 -_Distillery_Historic_District_-_SORiaN_ArT_Pic4.jpg
Artfest Toronto_Exhibit 2017 -_Distillery_Historic_District_-_SORiaN_ArT_Pic3.jpg
Artfest Toronto_Exhibit 2017 -_Distillery_Historic_District_-_SORiaN_ArT_Pic2.jpg
Artfest Toronto_Exhibit 2017 -_Distillery_Historic_District_-_SORiaN_ArT

It is with great pleasure to invite you to a special event, the Artfest Toronto Exhibit 2017, held in the beautiful Distillery district downtown Toronto,

starting this morning September the 1st, until September the 4th.

The time is just perfect and the setting is amazing..I am at the same spot like last year.

A few pictures to share with you..
See you later..




More info about my future expositions soon!


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