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Invitation to the Blue Butterfly



I invite you blue butterfly

To flap your wings,

Not to prove that you can fly,

But to free yourself from flying,

To feel the fresh air on your silk,

To see how the wind blows

And how the sun touches your fins.


I summon you to bear not your guilt,

Whatever its weight truly is,

To free yourself from its dark claws,

For life unchained worth to live.


I do invite you to count your fingers

And hide not even one of them,

Then count mines as well

To see we have so many fingers,

If only weave them all with both’ our hands.


I am calling you to dance with me

With all your dancing steps

You gorgeous queen

And if you tread sometimes right on my toes

With your sighs and with your thighs,

I will still dance with you and bow.


I invite you to hold my hands in your palms,

To breathe your soul into them,

To whisper your heart,

To kiss my eyes, throw light in them,

To get your body close to mine,

To bless it with your scent.


And I invite you to gently walk

Your fingers through my hair,

To let me tightly touch yours of gold too,

I want you to caress my nose, my cheeks, my lips,

To feel your nails buried in my skin

With clouds of shivers like new born.


I invite you to be my sky

To put your stars on it, to make it glitter

I summon you to be my mountain

To walk up your crests to reach my peaks

I call you from the bottom of my ocean

To dive with me, inside me.



I call you to be my world,

To let me be your world too,

To fuse these worlds into the real realm,

As one, to have a bigger world, for two.


I invite you in my garden of flowers,

I want to give them all and each to you,

To tell you everything about their colors,

To bring into your soul their perfume.


I invite you to let me in

The house of your soul,

To lead my own inside it,

To make it for both home.


I summon you to enter my mind,

To share our peace, our strength, our joy,

I opened all my gates for you

To bring your own mind near,

To weld our thought and purpose,

To be the ocean and the moon.


I invite you to come along with me,

I found a secret path,

I want to tell you where it goes,

To walk its stones,

Across a bridge,

And through a gate,

The only one for us.


I invite you to say yes,

Even when you feel sometimes

Like saying only no,

I call you to see me,

And never let us go.



Invitation to the Blue Butterfly
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