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The Doing of Making Love



The scent of your skin breathing through golden flesh,

It raises through my nostrils,

It touches my eyes feverishly...

From far inside...

I get close to you and I feel quietly your heat,

Like from a star bursting with wings,

I take your perfume all in me,

So profound as of my lungs were thousand year trees,

I touch you, softly, with a thread of my hair,

And from my eyes pours fire of light on you,

I am taking your lips with the tips of my fingers

To hold them gently between my lips,

With a caress of sweetness,

Keeping them tight to hear their greet.

I put my right hand on your neck,

I feel it with my eyes closed,

And how your heart does beat,

With voice of blood trembling,

Like river so deep..

I take a bow to every vein,

Wanting to squeeze their nectar,

To leave the sign of my own teeth,

Like sealing on enchanted land,

To see the edge of dreams..

I move my fingers with my touch,

Along your cheeks, so slowly,

To grasp the sculpture of your eyes,

And of your nose and of your front

And tap each curve,

Until it gently bends,

Inside my palms, wholly..

I take your face between my hands,

To bring you near,

My brow is now so close to yours,

I recognize its tender satin,

I feel your temples throbbing secretly,

With pulses of heart batting

At me from within.

Your lips are open,

Like a house of God,

I kneel to enter your church,

Your eyes are holy shrines...

I worship your kiss,

It does feel endless,

There is no desert in its heat...

I hold your hair tightly,

Embracing its curls,

It feels like having in my hands

A field of rare flowers,

With slender arches, rooted in the sky,

Within your golden tower...

I slide my fingers down,

A little touch,

Enough to hold your shoulders lightly,

With strength of bare hands...that much,

I reach them both, with the tip of my nose,

To take their gracious shape inside me,

And never to forget.

I then do lean along their contours,

Like painting with my mind,

To feel them close and smooth…

I circle my palms around them

I clasp them tightly

I know they are as if two moons

Landed their spheres on you

So brightly.

Your clavicles are bridges

Holding together the miracle of your head,

Gracefully at the height of its blessing...

I want to touch them one by one

To trace them with my lips,

To learn their shape,

To mould my fingers after them

And then descend with my hot breath

Down on your breasts, ever so gently,

To sense their pure softness

And how they firmly shine to me,

To meet the sanctuary of my lips,

To feel voluptuously nude,

In their gracious holiness.

I wish I had a hundred hands,

And thousand lips to kiss them,

But all I humbly know, I have two lips,

So I shall use them with no ease

And sip life honey out of them,

Until they blossom even more,

Like petals of roses at dawn,

Sculptures the gods even would miss...

I want to kiss your soul

Through your chest,

And when I touch the secret jewel

Your gorgeous secret eye,

My lips are holding onto it,

In an embrace so pure,

Your skin does quiver in its smoothness

Like blessed silk of God...

Then I would follow your ribs,

Each one of them, without haste...

Taking a stop as if on castle stairs,

With most delicate breath..

Two are my precious,

I know them,

My touch is whispering their beauty,

I wish to bite into their heart,

To fondle them with loving strokes

As if I played ivory flute,

And make it their art.

I trace their lines,

A hidden path revealed,

I keep this trail more and more,

My eyes are closed again,

The river flows towards your ocean,

I feel your belly with my face

It’s hot, it flinches slightly

Under the ardor of such sacred savor..

A sudden shiver makes it move

So lively...

I gently touch it with my forehead,

You sense its weight,

Like feathers float on you,

Blown by the summer wind...

A lock of my hair gives it a caress,

In secret dance, but unconcealed,

It talks to you,

Yet with no words,

And tells you are the sea,

And so am I the breeze touching yours waves

So free...

Down on this path,

I hug you more

And my embrace goes deeper

I am hungry of your lips

And your skin

You, marvel goddess..

My soul’s keeper..

My body’s looking for a key,

The one to unlock wonders,

The scent grows strong,

Your hips are tense,

I feel your knees touching my head

The passion fills my mouth with you,

My fervor is like thunder..

I hear your body murmuring deep,

With little sighs like grains of gold,

I feel a tremble, you feel it too,

My mouth is now a fireplace to you…

I hold your legs,

With both my hands

Embracing them so close,

Your body is a holy place

I see its glimmer and its light,

I want to pray into your temple,

I want to walk with you, to dance

In your house of love,

To blossom it bright...

I want to take down the curtains,

To feel your glow and your sea,

Blazing free...

My flame is shining blue on you,

It is so full of vigor,

It lights you up inside and makes you bloom,

The butterfly within opens its wings,

Your soul is looming out from your womb....

I want to kiss your legs,

Caress each strand of them,

And hug them both between my arms,

And then I want to kiss your knees

To wrap myself in them,

Like holding royal roses in my hands,

I want to take them inside me,

Like sipping from divine perfume…

My tongue is watching all your lines

With lips of fire,

I want to take your toes into my mouth

With sparking keen desire,

To kiss them long,

And thereafter

To stretch my arms towards your waist

Like ancient galleons crossing the sea,

With sails blown by full winds,

Piercing the waves with golden crests,

To touch their heights..

I want to swim into your ocean

And even if a life would take,

I wish to learn how are they born,

How do they grow

Where did they came,

To bless each drop of them

And then to dive inside you, ocean,

To scream your name,

And call you home,

To be at last at peace,

To live within your grace,

To dwell in your abyss

And never reach your bottom...



The Doing of Making Love
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