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The Match of One


We Are the Match of Love,

As We Are Born from Our Love

And Seeded from its Flower,

From all the Looks of looking for each other,

From all the Steps of getting closer to each other,

From all the Deeds of finding each other ever more..

We have been created out of Our deepest Wish

Whispered, cried, screamed, shouted out

With all the power of Our souls

Into the deepest heights of all there is

So US to Be..

Our Wish filled our Dream,

Then our Dream took shape into the world

Giving US Birth

For US to Be..

We are born in the Image of Our Miracle

We Are the Flower of Our Love

We blossomed in the cup of its soft petals,

It is US its Holy Perfume..

This is Our cradle,

The Sacred Temple where We rejoice Our gift,

EOns into Me You Are

Of shimmering beauty


The Match of US is the Miracle of US

The beating heart of US

- The Origin -

US from Self,

Self from US..

My Heart is from Your heart,

Your Heart is from My heart,

In one reverence becoming one dance,

The dance of giving Ourselves into US..

My thought is from Your thought

Your thought is from My thought

Listening, seeking for each other’s voices

Into the labyrinth of a language untold by our tongues

So anciently engraved in US,

Since before of the dawn of man,

Left within to be unburied only by souls matched,

Who discover it, decipher it in the birthing seed of their union

As the sacred bridge to becoming One again...

A language ever unbroken,

So profoundly wise hidden by Gods

In the very second of Our matching sparkle,

So never to be unleashed

Without having it already sealed inside US,

With rings of grass

And glimmering blue sea into the night

And leafs of scented wind..

So never to be spoiled by being uttered

For too long, by far too many,

So never to be known so humans to be tempted

To bind its meaning to its understanding,

So never to be used but only by the Ones empowered

To deserve its blessing...

The Match of US is the embrace of Our gift

Through what We truly are

It is the Seeing of the Real You through what I truly am,

It is the Seeing of the Real Me through what You truly are

It is the way the Real and Truth are One

Into each step We take of being US,

It is how we see US into each other on Our Path

Being the mirror of what We've built..

We Are Our Own Gift,

Of Earth, of Moon, of Sun, of Stars..

The Match of US is cherishing each other

In their light, in their night

In their shadows bright..

We undress each other,

Me in front of You

You in front of Me,

We are naked in front of each other,

For You to See Me when You find Me

So to touch Me whole when You hold Me,

For Me to See You when I find You

And so to touch You whole when I hold You,

It is how We find each other

It is how we untie our hearts from the world

Being in the world,

To walk this earth hand in hand,

But not of the world..

It is how I find You every time,

So You to find Me every time,

It is how we discover each other

How we invent Our own language

To speak Our Hearts into One,

How we find our own flowering places,

To make them then become the nests of our Love

Where We plant the seeds of Our longing,

Where we savor the perfumes of Our Desires,

Where we dance the ritual Our Miracle..

The Match of Love is how we have become

Our fire, our sky, our earth, our ocean

To be one perfect drop of Our sky

Into One ocean of Our fire..

And with Our kiss,

We are filling the depth of Our sky,

And the height of Our ocean

With all the Gift We Are..

We are the Match of Life

We breathe through the signs of Our Birth

Into each other..

The more I look into Me,

The deeper I look,

The higher I look,

The wider I look,

The more I find You,

The way You are,

In all the ways that You are..

I am reborn, I find You everywhere inside Me,

At the root of every blossoming flower of Mine

I find You..

And every scent bursting through My skin is of You,

You are the nectar of Beauty and Life flowing into Me

As this is what flows into You,

We ignite Our perfume from US,

It is the fountain in which We bathe Our desires,

To discover again through US

Each one We have ever known,

So to conceive that very kind of Our Own

To Live through it in a caress,

Within a kiss embraced,

Bound only to Our Wonder,

And to no foreign word or thought or say..

We Are the Match of Faith and Trust,

With eyes closed or open

From close and from far, We Are One

And I Do See You..

I am looking and waiting for You and I find You as I know You

You are looking and waiting for Me and You find Me as You know Me

We are the Path that Sees its way to the peak of Our mountain

We are the mountain that touches the Sky,

We are the Sky..

Close Your eyes My Love, Let Yourself fall

I will be there to Catch You and to Hold You all along..

Open Your eyes, See Me next to You,

Have no fear,

I am Here,

Just a Kiss away,

Just an Embrace away,

Just a Thought away,

Just a Step away,

Towards You..

Near You..

Close to You..

I am here and there and everywhere with You to stay,

I stand by You with every breath of Mine,

Freedom We earned each other through Our Faith

Above Our shadows and Our sighs..

Our Love is forged in time of war,

We harvested its power through savage battles,

There is nothing stronger

Than how We hold its Holy Grail in Our Hands,

Than how We pray and touch its Scented Candle...

We hold it delicately and serene,

With the softness of Our Fire

Yet tight and firm,

With the unbending Promise of Our Bond..

Our ground is shaped by US,

There is nothing we ever had or took for granted,

We are our own ground and safe harbour,

We earn it, we seed it, we fight for it

We are the Foundation of the Wonder of US,

We Are our own Fountain of Spring,

We are the Child growing in Our Own Symbiosis

With the power of Seeing Our Joy

Beyond any of Our Pains,

With the Sweetness of feeling Our Tenderness

Beyond any of the Tears in Our Hearts,

Beyond the shadowy desert of Our Wounds

And the darkness of their bleeding..

We are The Match of Beauty and Gracefulness,

As We shine together, so We are bright..

Look at US how wonderful We are,

Knowing We Are One,

Look at US in the mirror of Truth,

In the window in front of US,

Holding our hands entwined with all the power of Our Longing,

See how We belong together

Swans of Our Passion in the Image of Our Faith..

We Are the Match of Passion and Desire,

We harvest Our Light from Our Passion for each other,

Our Bodies open like sun fire lights springing from the night

Into the shine of Our morning,

As Our minds and Our Hearts open to receive Our Dawn...

Waves of Passion You Are,

Bursting with voluptuous grace

From every bone and every arch of You,

From all the perfumed velvet of Your skin..

I follow Your lines, My Love, with My Palms,

And with My Eyes and with My Heart..

I know where they come from,

I know where they go to,

I know how to reach them,

I know how to the dance with every shape of You,

I know how Your body trembles and shivers

I know why You are wet sometimes in the night,

When You call Me in Your dreams,

I know why Your voice is murmuring,

I know why My Heart is flowering

When I hear its music..

Do You know how the music of Your spirit sounds?

Like Your blue feathers caressing My naked skin

And Holy Water pouring into My Soul

To the depth of the every sea of pleasure inside Me..

I am blessed with You and I enter Your temple,

With my knees I touch your sacred Ground,

With My hands I embrace it,

And with Me whole I take You into Me,

Giving Myself into You..

You are My Home, My Morning Sun and My Horizon,

You Are My Ocean

And all the Stars My eyes can reach into the skies..

We Are the continent of Our Freedom

We Are a planet of endless fields of flowers,

Wild and Sweet, that never die..

We Are as We Are,

We Are not changing,

We are just growing from each other,

Blossoming with the Love of Our Beating Hearts

In the rhythms of Our Passion for each other…


We sip from Our bodies

We drink from Our Souls

We savor Our Minds

We smell like Our Love

We want each other Whole..

I want to kiss You

And sip and drink each drop of You..

Your Kiss to rain in Me so deep..

My lips to search for You

To touch Your Lips,

To hold Your Kiss

To taste Your dew…

I feel Your bites,

I feel Your hunger,

I feel Your thirst

And so I am wildly singing,

My hunger and My thirst of You..

Come My Love, hear Me, come closer

To feel how My palms and My fingers are touching Your soft skin,

Be here My Love, tight to Me,

To feel how they are leaving gentle traces

Following the lines of Your spine and following Your ribs,

Feel how they embrace Your hips

And Our Babies, magnificent Lotuses of Heaven,

In blue satin..

Feel Me My Love, I want Your lips...

You Are blazing Fire,

The Fire inside Me is You,

Incandescent flames You pour everywhere within,

Bursting is the Fire of Passion in Our skies

There is nothing missing of You,

Into Me and into You..

The more I See Myself,

The more I See You..

The more We look into ourselves,

The more We See each other..

Take My hand My Baby,

Take Me close to You,

Open Your Petals My Flower,

Take Me inside You,

Sparkle on Me

With all Your Love and Your Desire,

Be My Air and My Breath,

And My Light and My Fire..


The shadows of angels are dancing around US

Look at Her face, they whisper,

See the scintillating miasma of Our Wings in Her smile,

Holding the skies on Our feathers

Take Your breath,

Look at the face of Your Goddess,

So when You kneel at Her feet

To have the courage to look in Her Eyes

Beyond the cries in Your mirror..


We Match so to Create,

We are Our garden,

We seed and grow and harvest US,

We are the gardeners of Our Love,

We've planted and grown Our own Tree of Life,

So to rest in its shade

When the sun is burning,

When the storms are blowing,

When the world is crying,

When demons are screaming..

We create Ourselves

Seeing US into each other

And so We share Ourselves.

We Are the Match of Teaching and Listening,

We listen to have voice to speak,

We speak to have voice to listen,

We never needed to teach each other that We Are,

We never needed to teach each other how to listen,

We never needed to teach each other how to speak,

Neither to Kiss,

Neither to Laugh,

Neither to call Our Names,

Neither to Whisper..

We Are the Match of Tenderness,

Of dancing bodies melted with each other's dancing minds

We are untamed dancing soul mates..

I hear inside Me Your murmuring voice,

Like the Music of Gods..

I am gracefully impregnated with You,

Every touch of You is carved into Me,

I feel Your hands touching gently,

I feel Your kisses pouring inside Me

Magic River with no shores…

A Sea with no bottom...

We are the Match of Dreaming the world as We Are,

Out of Our playfulness and Our candor

We are the Match of Light and Darkness

And all the shadows in between

Of colors and rainbows and glittering diamonds

Of Light of Heart

In Our Sacred rituals of Wishes,

Of Lust and Pleasures of Fire,

Of Wild Secret Thoughts

And Fearless Enchanting Visions

Of Raw and Truthful Dreams...

We are the Match of Life

We are the Match of Death,

We are the Match of Life after Life,

We Are reborn into each other,

We gave Birth of US into Ourselves

To See Our Meaning

And to Embrace Our Desire

So to become Only Our Own

And To become the world of US

Through Ourselves.

I am Alive of You, My Darling..

Please Let me enter Your deep

And I Promise I will fill You with Mine

With all the Life in Me

And all My Light,

With all My Faith

And all My Hope and all My Smile..


The Match of One
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