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The Community of Souls


The Other is near

Not far, not close either

But always enough to fill your world

The one you know, and you call yours.

It is not a choice not to see the Other,

It is an illness you ignore,

Unnatural deformity of one’s ego-driven thought,

Collectively learned to be acceptable

For your life to entail only your own directed meaning,

As if your eyes,

That you are meant to wear so to see

Are blinded from what your vision is meant to show you

Intentionally, you are keeping them closed

To avoid answering in action

To what the light is made to bring you.

There is no ask, no favor you are doing to the world,

When smiling at fantoms that you renamed real,

When you forgot the other’s body, the other’s soul,

Looking for the side paths

To explain your absence, your ordeal,

Or the excuse that he’s too small, too weak or way too far…

Neither that there is a competition of salvation

To win a contest if you See the Other

Or get approval, seeming it were from the Heart,

To make your claim

And feel entitled to put your mark

Ahead of others

And then be recognized as hero or sage,

Inappropriate vindication,

Touching without feeling,

Pretending you know what it conveys.

The Otherness is not to hinder,

It is in You, the other side of You,

At the crossing of your every joy and whisper

At the core of your treasured distinctiveness

Even when you look for yourself in the mirror,

Through your veins,

In the deep looks in your eyes,

Searching for your pair or your counterpart,

In your hands, in your yearning for closeness,

In every way you have been made One

Meant to be more than you.

The Other is the recognition of yourself

Releasing your heart from the cage

Of the one-sided glimpses at your steps

Through the fields and oceans and mountains of the world.

You are gifted with identity

To elevate it to a bridging embrace

Of the one who can fill your ego with objections

And with the blessing of being other than you.

You have been elected to serve the Other without retribution

If you seek to be one day your fulness,

No matter how far uneasiness has been attempted

And then disputed

Between your demons of war and your faces of peace.

If you open your eyes and your senses,

The other is as you observe his coming

Even when you are stranded

And only surrounded by shadows.

The other is always an ask away

To release her or him

From what you see just looking at yourself,

Caught in your skin.

You drink from many cups alone

Your sorrows and your pains,

Why not to drink the cup of Joys and Love

To recognize the Other

Within your dearest Meanings?

Between what you deserve and what you are

Your trail meanders towards the Other

Amongst wonders and visions

And many marks of light from your dreams,

Undesignated pieces of Life,

That you can’t have,

But only daring imagine they could be shared

In the anticipation of the Other

And of the road that brings.

By design the Otherness in us was instilled,

From beginnings,

When we were first broken in pieces,

There was no accident that we are not alone,

Not even if your heart last breathes,

Suspended between your end and your hope.

If you gave your oath to be alive,

At the time of your birthing cry,

Written in your flesh and your blood,

You are sworn to obey

The world that has received you.

You are the first and the last citizen

Of earth’ community of souls,

In all your joys and your cries

Seeking the Other.

There is no Self without finding the One

You have been looking for,

Just emptiness and war.

If you want your dream to come true

And fulfill the path of your becoming,

You must weight Your Love and Your Hope

In the palms of the Other,

The One who holds the Light for you.


The Community of Souls
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