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The Kingdom of Righteousness


I can hear your loud voice,

Calling audiences to watch,

For lights to shine on your virtue

From the middle of the forum

You ardently have been dreaming of,

Only for yourself,

Surrounded in its shadow by all

You’ve yearned for long to hear you,

Craving for the eyes of the others

To see what you say,

More than the thoughts you really think…

Your voice is howling

“I am better than you”,

Perhaps because you are more right

Or so you believe in your nighty might,

That you hold more light than me,

Into you,

That pours through your skin

Enough to feed your legions of demons,

The dearest to you.

You are eager to shout

“I have more than you”,

In every sign of your power

You want me to impassively observe

That what you have I don’t

Because I am the lesser of you,

The feeble side of worthiness

Enough to still be in front of you,

But not enough to take me by your side,

To wear the same aura,

To hold me as your peer,

To dance around one fire

To breathe the same flame.

Or you might say

“I need it more than you”

Because what I have been missing,

Made deeper cracks in me than into you

Thus, I earned the name that calls for

For my pain to be first seen,

For my yell to be heard before the others

Ever there have been.

Then, you will hear another voice,

“I deserve it more than you”,

And since I am better than you

I am entitled to have it,

For all my good and my bad…

Who is important now is me, ahead of you,

Even if you want it too

You will have to wait, wait for your time…

Arrogance inbuilt, almost justified

Where the soul’s puzzles find their resolve

Without shame, but more without guilt

And if the other still does not obey,

Play the deception game

To impose the hidden will beneath…

Another voice speaks from the deep,

It is vibrant, commending,

Made to be believed if you believe it…

“I am greater than you”,

I am my king and my very own heir

Above you, even above your dreams

That you might reach someday,

If your life lasts more than my pride

And my pride more than my will,

Until you recognize that I did make you in my image

And your dreams will submit to my dream,

As you humbly walk in my wake.

But have you ever heard the other voices?

“I am not greater than you”,

You have your own greatness that I see

Your knowledge, even when divided

Between your sins and the sins I have on my own,

You might be less guilty than me…

“I want you to have more than me”,

“I need you to take it first, before me”,

“I am not better than you”,

My dreams are not more than your dreams,

We could live them Together

If you and I open our gates

And we received each other

To meet our paths on shared ground

By our faiths…

This is the price of admission

Into the kingdom of righteousness,

Where no one is the one right…

Then you enter

And you will hear another voice.

“Do you love me?”

Above how broken I am,

Unfinished, imperfect, sometimes weak,

But yours if you take me in your arms.

“Will You love me more as I am?”

And when I tell you in my words and in my dreams

That I Love You more than You Love Me,

As much as you can say

That You Love Me more than I Love You

When We truly are one Spirit,

Flowering from US,

Rising from the Light We made from Our Love,

Our Voice unties the burdens of noises,

Bouncing off the walks once raised

To set apart,

It is the undoing of separateness

That followed us from the dark

Of oldest ages of war…

We stand tall while we bow,

We embrace while we kiss,

We listen while we utter our words of bliss,

For every self-regard that gives it away

Across the lands of the unblinded heart.

There is an echo voicing the deepest into US,

We pledge for forbearance without reluctance

For Love by being in Love,

They bind our wills into one message

That You and I are One.


The Kingdom of Righteousness
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