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The Mirror of the World



I am seeing you in everything,

I see you as if you were countless threads of flower dust

Spread softly across the world,

In all its beauty of being,

In all its sadness of being,

In all its candor, its cruelty and wonder..


I see you when I am looking at the trees,

I feel like hugging them all tight

While they fight their way out,

To stand above the ground,

Raising their branches,

Not knowing anything of sky or storms.


I see you in the lotus flower

Lifting itself up from the mud beneath,

By thin and long stems,

Sinless, higher than the water..

I see you in the mud

Which wrestles with its roots

To nourish it, to give it strength..

Another kind of strength than the one of the light,

That is inviting the flower into the realm of the day.

And I see you in the petals of the lotus flower,

Blossoming their beauty into the eyes

Of the one who craves the understanding

Of its way up.


I see you in how the river flows,

Meandering between its shores,

While conspiring to tie them up together,

In an unbroken bond of faith..

And I see you again in the drops of a spring

Receiving in their shimmering crystal

The caress of the sun,

And that doesn't hurt them a bit…


I see you in the red and the blue and the white

Of the wild flowers

Spreading unchained on meadows

On top of the hills,

Cuddling the fields with their endearing delight.


I see you in the spells of old magicians,

In their arcane words of awe, seeking the truth,

I see you in selfless incantations

Of the white witches,

Whispering their might in tender songs

With riddles and knots to bear out their wars at dawn...

A piece of you I see barely scattered

In feisty rites of the dark witches,

Burning the bones of the dead,

To feed their light.


I see you in the dance of a humming bird

Flying still, over its own shadow

Not doubting its shadow, but merely looking at it

While flapping its wings with grace

Merely unseen.

The humming bird flies by its own wings

And doesn't mind whether we watch

And we don't even see them..

It flies not knowing that it wears its wings..


I see you in how the wind blows through the leaves

And hugs each one of them into its gust

I see you when the wind fiercely flips the leaves

Before the tempest,

Foretelling its raging advent

With clouds of dust.


I see you in the summer storm,

Igniting the skies with their lightening,

Sharp through air descending upon the earth

Striking with no mercy,

Yet glowing with no effort,

Painless and truthfully right.


I see you in the night and in its dancing shadows

I see you in the darkness of its quiet kiss

I see you in the eerie secrecy of its strange noises

I see you in its boundless bleak bliss.


I see you in the waltz of the dark green waves of the sea,

When they hit the rocks of the shore with their undecided pride

Gambling away their force against the firmness of the rocks…

I see you in the enchanting beauty of the blue clear waves,

When they sway voluptuously over the wet sand

To make it smooth and young and bright

To carry it all your way.


I see you in the fiery sun of the dusk

Bathing your charm in its flowery haze

And slowly closing your eyes to feel its warmth,

Shyly piercing through your eyelids like dancing fays,

So you to learn in silence

The very shapes each of its rays leave..

And then just gazing up at sky and back on earth,

To seek how they're ordained to get embroiled in your skin..


I see you in the laughter of small children

Searching unconsciously for life in their day

And also in the screams of just born ones

Coming to world through pain,

Without knowing where they've come from,

Without wisest reasons to right their stay.

I see you in graceful statues of marble

Cut out from the roughest blocks of stone

By feeble hands and toughest souls..

I see you in the ones of mire and clay

Almost forgotten in disdain,

By minds too narrow to foresee their load.


I see you in the thin striations inside the precious gems,

Seared within like crusted veins of blood, sealed with no mercy

Tamed by the time of their waiting

For us to treasure them

As heartfelt delights

From far away dead worlds, unknown.


I see you in my steps across my water,

I feel you in my breath when I am afraid,

I hear you in my heartbeats when I hold it,

I listen to you in my sighs when you’re away...


I see you in my flesh and with my longing,

I recognize you in the dance of swans,

I see you naked in the lines of my palms,

When they unite each other at each cross.

I see you in the depth of my belief

And in my jump away from the peak of my mountain

You are at once my sky I am flying through

And my abyss, my chasm I fall into..

My soul to know

Whether my wings are spread enough

To catch good winds and float on them steadfast.

You are the earth where I will land

Or else, the rock I’ll see the last if they will bend.


I see you in the roses in their bloom,

And in their scent spread to the moon,

You are in all for me, I am filled with you..




The Mirror of the World
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